NTP hosted a workshop to solicit global input on assays, data analysis strategies, and regulatory feedback for innovative screening tools to better prioritize compounds with potential to cause developmental and adult neurotoxicity. A summary of discussions that occurred during the NTP-hosted workshop isĀ available (Adobe PDF ).

Data and Peer Reviewed Publications

All the participants of the workshop have graciously consented to their data being made publicly available to foster scientific discussions and further the field. The data are available in text and Excel file formats in a zip file, and can be downloaded via the NTP CEBSĀ data page. This also includes the results of the standardized NTP analysis including normalization and BMC analysis.

To cite these data, please use the following citation:

National Toxicology Program. 2018. Data Release: Developmental NeuroToxicity Data Integration and Visualization Enabling Resource (DNT-DIVER). Last Updated: December 3, 2018. doi: 10.22427/NTP-DATA-002-00062-0001-0000-1.

Related peer-reviewed publications in the scientific literature are also available in the above link.

The Team


Mamta Behl, Ph.D, DABT
Neurotoxicologist, Toxicology Branch
Lead, Design and Data Interpretation

Jui-Hua Hsieh, Ph.D
Contractor - Bioinformatics Scientist, Biomolecular Screening Branch
Data Analyst & Application Development

Andy Shapiro
Contractor - Data Scientist
Lead Software Engineer

Sue Nolte
Contractor - Software Developer, Office of Data Science
Application Deployment


Kristen Ryan, Ph.D, DABT
Toxicologist, Toxicology Branch
Co-Lead, Design and Data Interpretation

Fred Parham, Ph.D.
Mathematical Statistician, Biomolecular Screening Branch
Data Analyst

Josh Addington
Contractor - Software Developer, Program Operations Branch
Application Development

Trey Saddler
Contractor - Data Scientist, Office of Data Science
Application Deployment


Richard S. Paules, Ph.D
Acting Chief, Biomolecular Screening Branch

Nigel Walker, Ph.D, DABT
Acting Chief, Toxicology Branch

Raymond R. Tice, Ph.D
Contractor - RTice Consulting

Paul M. Foster, Ph.D, Fellow ATS

Charles Schmitt, Ph.D
Contractor - Senior Advisor, Office of Data Science

Jennifer M. Fostel, Ph.D
CEBS Scientific Administrator, Program Operations Branch